What is multimeditation all about?


This is a short and inspirational introduction to the colorful world of meditation. But many readers are frantically scrolling for answers. They want to know; how is it possible that the serene universe of meditation can be colorful. Long before we even begin to give our version of events, impose upon yourself a little bit of logic. Think clearly, clear your thoughts, and know that there are many forms of meditative practices, all of which have evolved over thousands of years.

Different strokes for different folks, to motivate you subjectively. What yoga practice does for one, might not necessarily work for you. Sitting in a Zen garden might not work miracles for you either. Nor will ohming for hours on end be your green cup of tea. It does, however, work for others. The purpose behind the online designs of multimeditation is to offer a little something for everyone. If you like the idea of sitting in a colorful garden to soothe your nerves, but cannot seem to find the time to do so, then these next few lines are for you.

Many of you reading this now do have the excuse that you simply don’t have the time of day to indulge in such meditative practices, all time worn and known to work for those who are willing to apply their mind to practicing the ancient arts. Many of you spend far too many hours online or at least in front of a PC terminal. The excuse suggests that you have no choice because this is part and parcel of your daily job.

But you do knock off eventually, don’t you? And when you transit off home, and you eventually do settle in at home, what do you do? You spend even more time online. It can’t be helped anymore because this is the one great space in the universe where you can stream or download your favorite entertainment vehicles. But did you know that you can meditate online too? No, well, here is how it all begins. Let’s start with the use of color for meditative purposes.

It is like introducing little children to building, counting and visualization lessons for the first time. But you must remember that color is not solely used. It is just one piece of the multimeditation puzzle. It is combined with other pleasurable devices such as videos, mandalas, fractal art, music and natural sounds to enable you to access different levels of meditation and perception all in the comfort of your own home.

The combination of meditative techniques is purposefully driven. It is there to provide you with highly effective synergistic combinations that will produce the results that help you to achieve your relaxation and calming aspirations as quickly as possible. The multi-media functionaries are ideal for beginners who have never had the experience of meditation’s benefits before. Tools are provided to introduce you to all the techniques required for relaxation and spiritual mind openings.

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