How Controversy Can Be Good For Your YouTube Channel

When you’re thinking of ways to help your channel grow, you’re probably not thinking about controversy. After all, traditionally, this is what media outlets want to avoid. YouTube is different though since it is a very interactive environment with your subscribers and viewers wanting to know your opinions on different subjects. There are many successful channels built around criticizing things and having unpopular opinions such as I Hate Everything and Drama Alert. While these two channels are certainly very different, they appeal to the same basic interest, which is controversy. People want to watch videos of other people saying negative things about the things they dislike. Go to any YouTuber that does these kinds of videos and you’ll see that their Things I Hate video will always have more views than their Things I Love video, unless they buy YouTube views to even the two out.

This is what is meant by saying that controversy can be good for your channel. If you publish a movie review hating on a movie that everyone else loved, it will get a lot more views than a positive review ever would have. Controversy can also refer to current events. If there’s a big scandal in the YouTube community, take advantage of it. Recently, there was a lot of controversy surrounding a channel called DaddyoFive. Popular YouTuber Phillip DeFranco made a video where he criticized this family channel for what appeared to be child abuse of one of their children. After DeFranco uploaded his news video reporting on this, the topic exploded. YouTube channels across the board were making videos sharing their views on this scandal and even mainstream media publishers contributed to the topic. Why did people make so many videos on this topic? Because the viewers were watching. People wanted to know more and more about this drama, so they would watch countless videos on the subject, meaning that many creators scored easy views.

A controversy or bad situation for your own channel can also be turned into something positive. Popular YouTube channel h3h3productions is known for videos commentating on other videos, often in a critical way. While this falls under fair use and they are within their legal rights to do so, one creator did not appreciate having his video criticized and decided to sue Ethan and Hila Klein, the couple who run h3h3productions. Instead of having this negatively impact them, Ethan and Hila were public about the struggles until Phillip DeFranco made a video asking people to donate and support the couple during this time. After all the news coverage sparked by DeFranco, Ethan and Hila now have more views and subscribers than ever before and they have enough money raised through crowdfunding to fight the lawsuit. In the end, they could thank the person who wanted to sue them for helping them reach new heights of success through the ensuing controversy that was created. They certainly no longer need to buy YouTube views.

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